It is the preference of St. Patricks that parents be included in as many aspects of school life as possible.


Statement of Purpose

St. Patrick’s is a Catholic Parish. The term education, therefore, is always understood and viewed in the light of the teachings and faith of the Catholic Church.

The Advisory Team acts as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the parish and advises on policies regarding education and the school. It brings together in a spirit of co-operation, the parish priest, principal, representatives of parents and staff.

The identified foci for 2018 are -

1. Enhancing Catholic Identity
2. Promotion of the school in the parish and broader community
3. Community Engagement

These three foci will assist in promoting a robust and vibrant Catholic school in the Lilydale area. 


The Parents & Friends Association is an umbrella for a number of groups within our school community. It has no formal membership - you are either a parent or a friend and therefore part of it.

The Parents & Friends Association has three main functions:-

1. Service: We serve our community through the uniform shop, the canteen, working bees and general support.

2. Fund-raising: To provide for the many and varied needs of our children that cannot be met by the usual funding sources.

3. Social: To provide activities and opportunities for our parent body to connect with each other. We achieve this through social functions such as trivia nights, morning teas etc.

The committee of Parents & Friends welcomes your interest and participation in any of the above activities.