Greenworks: Four Working Bees, also known as "Greenworks", are held during the year, two are held on a Saturday morning and two are held as a Friday twilight session. Parents are notified through the newsletter of the dates and times, what type of jobs are registered to be completed and what type of equipment could be brought along to complement the tools owned by the school.  

We encourage as many parents as possible to attend the Working Bees in order to carry out some of the general maintenance and improvements that are required. The tasks involved can range from cleaning and flushing drains, pruning and gardening, sweeping and tiding and replenishing tanbark, sand and mulch. 

The Working Bees are scheduled to be no longer than three hours which includes a BBQ and light refreshments at the end. This is a great way to contribute to the school community and meet parents, staff and students in a relaxed and collaborative manner.