L.O.T.E (Italian): 

Each class from Prep to Year 6 participates in Italian lessons on a weekly basis. These lessons include cultural immersion and exposure to the spoken language. Our school values the learning of Italian by annually devoting a whole day of activities celebrating the Italian language and culture. 


All students participate in a weekly class in the area of Visual Arts. The students learn the skills of producing their own art through participation in painting, drawing, sculpture and creating 3D art pieces. In alternate years an Art show exhibits the students' art work. Parents and special friends are invited to come and a view a selection of the students art work displayed throughout the School. 


Our dedicated Music room hosts all P-6 classes each week for their much anticipated 60 minute music lesson. All students get to sing and play instruments, to respond to music and to improvise and compose music in a variety of forms. Keen singers are always welcomed into the school choir.


Physical Education lessons are held on a weekly basis. Emphasis is on skill development , team work, fitness and enjoyment in a supportive environment. The School also holds an annual sports day. 

Inter - School Sport

Years 5 and 6 participate in a variety of games against other primary schools. Games include football, soccer, netball, Newcombe in Winter and T-ball, softball and cricket in Summer. 

Students also have the opportunity to compete in the Inter-school competitions such as Zone swimming, Zone athletics, Hoop Time and District Cross Country events. Students may have the opportunity to compete at Division level and potentially at State level based on results in their events. 


An intensive swimming program is held during the year. Children attend a series of lessons conducted by qualified instructors. Swimming is compulsory, and a part of the Health and Physical Education curriculum at School.